South Pacific Laundry is committed to reducing its’ environmental footprint as much as possible. We put our water through a recycling treatment, in order to waste as little water as possible. If everything we wash were using fresh water, as you do at home, massive amounts of water would be wasted.  We use a Shaker screen to remove the larger particulates such as lint, then the water is pumped at high pressure through  a CMF (Ceramic Micro Filtration) unit, and finally to an RO (Reverse Osmosis) module, to make sure the water is as clean as possible before washing your linen.


Ceramic Microfiltration

The filtration system is designed to filter out particles larger than 0.2 microns from the recycled water.  For reference, the head of a pin is usually 2 millimetres in diameter (2000 Microns).


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is the second stage of our filtration process, it is designed to purify the water from the CMF producing literally pure water – no particles larger than .001 microns.

This has been found to be consistently cleaner than town water according to test results.


Reverse Osmosis System

So you can be sure that when your linen returns from treatment at South Pacific Laundry, it is as clean as it can be!

Case Study

Sustainability Victoria conducted a case study on South Pacific Laundry which provides an overview of our commitment to reduce impact on the environment.

View our sustainability case study